produced by FEELMING

In summer 2020 the streetwear label PREACH publishes its latest collection „Fearless“ in cooperation with Havana Club and agency Highsnobiety.

„Turning the existing world into something more colorful“ – PREACH

Havana – the heart of Cuba: Inspired by the island, the collection’s message is: express yourself – express the young street spirit of time. A spirit that is not afraid to show feelings and wishes. One letter, seven sentences: PREACH outlines its latest collection and what it means to be fearless.

This message is transformed into a crossmedia film concept by director Mario Bürger while speaking the same language with PREACH Co-Founder/Creative Director Julian Lutz.
The metropolis Lisbon as a film location represents everything the collection stands for. With its bright colors, tiles and ambience the FEELMING production team created the known Havana Club feeling in a vibrant setting with a strong cast showing confident fashion looks.

The performance becomes even more powerful with the audio experience of producer Frizzo by underlining the confidence and playfulness of the collection.

With a main commercial spot and a line-up of online marketing content FEELMING provided PREACH with everything needed to „turn the existing world into something more colorful.“